Types Of Lovers In Are Life!

Companion Soulmates
They float in and out of your life and are there for a very specific purpose. They could be a friend, a family member, a mentor, a teacher, and so on. They may be
there for a short period of time.

Healing Soulmates
Healing soulmates provide you with life learnings and teachings. They may show up by divine timing, meaning their
presence appears in a timely manner.

Twin Flames
A lifetime soulmate where you overcome
emotional and spiritual barriers together. You have spent many lifetimes with your twin flame. Not everyone experiences a
twin flame relationship in a single lifetime.


Restore The Passion And Intimacy In Your Relationship!

Many relationships go through these phases; the first few months/years are marked with total bliss. You and your partner are passionate about yourselves, and you enjoy each other’s company a lot. Then, time happens, and for some reason, the passion you once had begins to fade. If you’re currently at that place where you can’t lay hands on the people you used to be, Anna Grace will guide you how to bring back passion into a relationship.

Karmic relationship

Similar to a twin flame meeting, a karmic relationship feels instantly familiar. This is because, as people conceptualize, you know them from a "past life" or "multiple lives." But a karmic relationship does not last very long and can be very toxic. Find out if this is a twin flame or karmic connection!

Stops all co dependency /addictions

If you or your partner is struggling with codependency/Addiction with something or something Usually A Toxic/Narcissistic Relationship,drugs or alcohol or indefinitely issues. Miss Anna Grace can you help you thru this tough time with spiritual insights,advice and cleansing!

Improve Poor Communication

Communication doesn’t always come easy, whether it’s with a romantic partner or someone else. But it’s key to the overall success and sustainability of such partnerships. While some people have no problem communicating their needs in a clear and respectful way, others may struggle when it comes to expressing themselves—and that can make maintaining healthy relationships especially challenging. Your communication troubles end here! Anna Grace can most definitely help and guide you thru this situation with couples spiritual counseling sessions!

Financial stability!

Do you feel like no matter how hard and long you work for you just can’t set or get to certain goals in your life? You may feel like there’s a actual blockage that’s stopping you from reaching your goals and being financially stable. A financial cleanse with Anna Grace is something you may want to look in to this can help you reach all your goals and remove anything standing in the way!

You feel like your life is falling apart.

Your life was moving along at a gentle,peaceful,stress free pace and suddenly one day you felt your world had been turned upside down. Maybe you didn’t get that job promotion/lost your job, you didn’t get that house you been dreaming and working so hard for, that relationship that you felt was really going to be long term ended up in a bad breakup. All these challenges can have you feeling like your world is falling apart or even like you have some negative energy surrounding you that’s causing you to take 3 steps forward and 6 steps backwards. This is the beauty of spiritual cleansing it removed all unwanted bad/negative energy’s and brings good luck/ peace and prosperity back in to your life for once and for all!

Stronger and more committed relationships

Even couples in relationships that look idyllic from the outside have made their way through rough patches. Life's ups and downs are bound to impact even the happiest couples—but how you handle the low points separates a stable relationship from a toxic one. Being in a stable, healthy relationship doesn't mean you always manage to stay positive through life's challenges. Rather, it means prioritizing your romantic relationship, spending time together, communicating and working through challenges as opposed to avoiding them or blaming your partner,or if your partner tends to walk away when things get tough And coming back in the relationship when things seem more stable. This is what we call a “hot and cold relationship” this is something Anna Grace can also help,advise and guide you thru to have a more stable and committed relationship!

mini love reading


Mini love reading $45  a mini love reading will give you insight,guidance,answers and clarity on a past or present relationship or like Anna Grace likes to say situation-ship this reading is around 10-15 minutes and limited questions.

Full life and love reading


This reading tells past,present and future looking in to your finances,career and love life. This reading also taps in to your person or ex persons thoughts,feelings and emotions. This reading has no time limit! And has unlimited questions! Both readings can be scheduled the same day over the phone or in person!